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Viz the movie biz

Catchy title, eh? In case you missed it, the New York Times did a nice visualization of the box office performance of every movie released in the U.S. from 1986 – 2007. Check it out: NYT Movie Earnings Visualization Very cool.

The randomness of movies

As a subscriber, I recently put the Netflix New Releases RSS feed into my reader. Wow. I never knew how many movies were made, and then subsequently released on DVD. My guess is about a crapton. And before you go thinking that these are all Transformers: The Movie quality …

Hipster Olympics

Remember when I asked, “where would we be without the Internet” (or something like that)? The same can be applied to cheap DV cameras and an acerbic sense of humor. Check out the Hipster Olympics at YouTube. Great stuff. Goes down well with some articles on new (and old) yuppies.