How Palm will screw up the Pre, the waiting for WWDC edition

Let’s recap some highlights while we all wait for 10AM PT for the other shoe to drop on Palm.

  • Palm releases the Pre at CES in January ’09. No one buys either a Sprint phone or a Palm device for 6 months. Not that’s good for revenue.
  • Palm has a rumored 6 month exclusive distribution agreement with Sprint. Then, supposedly, Verizon and AT&T get into the mix. So, current, under-contract Verizon and AT&T customers that might even want the Pre won’t switch because it is coming in 6 months to their current carrier. Whoops.
  • Palm’s ridiculous launch date this past Saturday. Seriously, WWDC could lay the biggest egg and still, all the press got there Sunday night to party and haven’t written a single word about Palm Pre since, oh, Saturday afternoon.

So how can Apple really put Palm’s corpse in the ground?

  • Steve Jobs comes to WWDC. Just a peek. No keynote. Just a, “hey there”. The faithful will be whipped into such a frenzy that they literally will wipe the Pre off the face of the earth with their crazed chanting and swaying.
  • Apple undercuts the $199 w/rebate price with the iPhone, as rumored, at $99. Pow!
  • AT&T offers some sweet rate plans that are designed to retain would-be-Pre customers.

Oh well, it’s been a good run! I like the hardware (minus the reported self-mutilation-sharp keyboard). Just don’t trust the company. Me, I’m waiting for the Monday late afternoon lawsuit.

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