Stop the presses: non Web 2.0 acquisitions (and some GoogleCasting)

After all the hand-wringing that was my Five Buck Idea article (and yes, it was targeted at the Internet-based startup), look at what comes across the feeds today…

Wow. Okay, the Dell one is just an unconfirmed rumor, but still. Guess real stuff still gets acquired every now and again.

Now for some GoogleCasting (that’s Google Forecasting for you, but with awesome MashUp wording)! Sigh. I swear, I’m running a Web 2.0 fever these days after being immersed in it for the weekend. Brian Shih, I blame you.

The SketchUp one sounds like a potential solid buy for Google. It will at least make accessing the SketchUp Google Earth plugin even easier. But even more, something innovative might happen with Google Maps, or Google Earth; integration with Keyhole; maybe even something really cool with in-car navigation and VW.

That last one could be a real winner. Imagine driving around with real-time updates from Keyhole/Google Earth — obviously with nice realistically-rendered buildings courtesy of SketchUp. Hell, they could even be drawn by community members of Google Earth! That would be kind of cool. Draw your own home, have it overlay the map in real time. Wouldn’t that make it easier to find that building, if it popped up fully rendered in 3D?

So, what else can Google pull out of its bag-of-tricks?

  • City-wide WiFi so you can geolocate even in the urban canyon
  • Dodgeball-based location-based services — hook up on the go with your friends! Mark cool spots for your buddies! Find them right on your map!
  • Chat with your buddies over voice. With Dodgeball, GPS, and WiFi, find them while you are out.
  • Find businesses with Google Local
  • And for the utlimate in user-oriented design — suggest things you, the driver (or passengers) might be interested in, on the fly.
  • Heck, do it on your phone. Snap.

Crap. They can even charge for that. Very cool. I for one await the arrival of our navigation lords.

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